Air-Max 30hp. (NEW) Industrial Rotary Screw Compressor W/dryer/filters/240 tank


After you try Air-Max Run cool, you won’t Look back !

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We are A full service air center, specialize in rebuilding complete units and air ends. We have fully stocked service trucks since 1982

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You are looking at A NEW  Air-Max Industrial rotary screw air compressor  ,

Air-Max  Industrial air compressor

With Dry-Max industrial refrigerated air dryer

With pre and after coalescing filters with external Zero air loss float drain  (others may not add in package)

*** Mounted on the heaviest duty 240 gallon tank on the market. Notice how the framework supports the compressor and dryer weight , protecting the pressure vessel also are tanks are 200 psi. W.P. this means thicker wall thickness. (others only use 150 psi thine wall tanks once again because it is cheaper)  

Model Mac-30DP240H   

30 hp. Rotary screw air compressor

  “Best Quality at A fare price lowest cost of ownership”

With the long life AIR-MAX track record, thousands of machine in service for many years, 

We have decided to implement Our 12 Year AIR-MAX Warranty !!!! Check with us for details.

 After 38 years in the compressor industry we have designed,  air compressor that we are able to help you care for over the phone, to save you the expense of costly service calls.

I will put these units head to head with any other air compressor built , I feel we have the best unit out there.  Give me A call let’s talk 

****  If you are having problems keeping your air compressor from overheating and shutting down give one of these A try.

Large low speed airend, ( not high speed encapsulated airends used by others, this is much cheaper way, short life)

Premium efficiency 3 phase Motors are Totally enclosed fan cooled   (Not open motor used by others, short life cheaper way)

Reduced voltage start  no huge power spikes on startup  (Not across the line like others building cheaper unit)

Large drop in air oil separator for long life less maintenance cost  ( not small spin on separators used by others cheaper way short life )

Separate oil sump for the Good oil capacity

All air and oil lines are stainless / coated steel  (not hose, used by others, cheaper up front, costly to replace. Hose will fail and leak)

Microprocessor  digital control monitors with safety shut down, Phase monitor, Motor  amps, Air pressure, Temperature, Maintenance log 

Good oil capacity  oil / coolant this is use cool and lubricate the machine

Huge oil and *** aftercooler cooling package  some of these coolers used are over twice the size used by others in the industry , many do not even use an after cooler.

*****  Direct drive No belts / No Gears

Cycling cooling fan

This will be the lowest cost air compressor to maintain , Are parts, filters and oil  are usually 1/2 the price of the other guys. 


Units are built with Highest quality US, and foreign parts 

Warehouse fully stocked parts.

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Air-Max  Industrial air compressor

MAC-30DP240H   in stock

Reduced voltage start  no huge power spikes on startup.

30 hp. 208 / 230 / 460 volt 3 phase  

 Available Pressure range Choose the pressure you need

127 cfm / 125 psi  Stock

117 cfm / 140 psi  Stock

66 +- 2 dba    Large airend Very Quiet  machine

**** 12 Year Air-Max Warranty !!!! Check with us for details.

OSB Crated for shipping included

Many compressor and dryers in stock

Thank You

Midwest Air Compressor LLC.

Waupaca, WI. 

Wayne McKay



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