Dry- Max MRAD-750 / DM-150 Refrigerated air dryer 750 cfm pre and after filter


After you try Air-Max Run cool, you won’t Look back !

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We are Midwest Air Compressor LLC. We have been in business with quality reman air compressors and dryers since 1982

New Dry-Max refrigerated air dryer Model # MRAD-750 / DM-150    (stock photo of A dryer)

Quality and Excellence look @ these features  

A.  Pre and After filter with auto drains for oil removal and particulate to .01 micron  (clean air to work with)

B. Electrical wires are separated from the refrigerant side and mounted in the electrical control panel 

C.  All electrical wires inserted into plastic cable holders

D. Huge heat exchanger, to work in hot dirty enviroments  

E. (Pre and after filter included) All refrigerated air dryers require A pre filter , this is usually @ AN extra charge 

F. Energy efficient  refrigerant compressor

G.  230 or 460 volt Volt  3  Phase 

H.  3  npt. in/out  

I. Capacity  750 cfm

J. 1 Year warranty

K. R407C Premium Refrigerant  (we save the 134a for the little guys 60 cfm and smaller)

L. Electric Auto drain

*****  Flat out one tough dryer

Thank You

Midwest Air Compressor LLC.

Waupaca, WI. 54981

Wayne McKay



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